Creating an energetic and passionate living space for artists, professionals and families in a renewed neighborhood.

Jingletown Lofts

Jingletown is a neighborhood in Oakland that was primarily an industrial area mixed with a former residential neighborhood. The evolution of the neighborhood from residential to light industrial made for an odd juxtaposition and adjacency of 1930’s and 1950’s homes with tall concrete masonry walls. As the steel works and light industry struggled in the 80’s the neighborhood had an influx of artists that breathed new life into the disused grimy warehouses. With the slow improvements of zoning and the attraction of the arts community, there has also been new opportunities for higher density mixed use developments. In this growing and newly popular neighborhood, we have the chance to make better transitions between the existing and dwindling industrial uses and small residences while providing a design that is an encouraging environment for the artists and makers.

Exterior at West side
Exterior Street SW at 630 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA.
Exterior NW at 630 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA
Exterior NW at 630 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA

Mixed use in the Jingletown neighborhood of Oakland

The upswing in the economy has spurred several large multi-family residential projects in the neighborhood. The increased density also provides an opportunity for the provision of a couple small retail or commercial spaces at key locations in the area. Considering the available parking, traffic corridor, access to the nearby BART station, for both pedestrian and car access, a coffee shop or retail store at the corner seems to be a good asset for both the building and the community.