Spanish Revival In Larkspur

Morrison Residence

5000 ft2

On rare over sized lot in Larkspur, this project was designed to benefit from the south facing rear yard and beautiful views of Mt. Tamalpais. This 5 bedroom 4 bath home features a music room, master suite with a sitting area, changing area for the pool, wine cellar and exercise room. AOR: BW; DES: BF/BW; PM:BF; CA:BF

There are many custom elements in the design including the front door that Brant designed and had manufactured in Bali from sustainably harvested Merbau forests. Below is a preview shot we got from our friends making the door.


We included large reclaimed lumber lintels at the interior and for the mantel in the living room. The upper halls also have barrel vaulting to create a sense of transition to the Master bedroom suite.

Tower Element at M. Sitting Room
Morrison From Street
Exterior from SW
Morrison Family Room
Morrison Kitchen Cabinetry Detail
Morrison Bath Cabinetry
Morrison Living Room

Occasionally we’re surprised by the impact of a particular sketch that we’ve done. The project was nearing completion and the client found that the supporting arches at the back of the house had been removed during ‘value engineering’. I was told later that the client walked up to the Contractor, pointing to the sketch I had done several months past, and said, “no really, I want those, I want it to look like this.” I have to say, it was pretty gratifying to hear of their attachment to a design that had come out of my head. -Brant

Initial sketch for client
Morrison Poolside