A new home for a private school

Star Academy Phase 1 San Rafael

Star Academy

Brant has had a long relationship with Star Academy having been on the executive board starting in 2002. Departing after 6 years on their board, Brant maintained his friendship with the school and this lead to being on the team assisting the private donor in searching for property and providing a new home for the school. After initial efforts at a different location, the team found a better location in San Rafael. At the time Brant worked for Brock Wagstaff and we are deeply grateful for his participation as Architect of Record. Brant had attained a senior position at the firm and was given the task completing the entire project.

For the Exterior front reworked for accessibility, the majority of the shell was retained due to strict city compliance, otherwise the building was gutted. The building was formerly a very well designed commercial building by our buddies over at TWM Architecture of San Rafael in the early 80s. They happen to have their offices right next door to this project.  AOR:BW; DES:BF; SD,DD,CD,CA:BF PM:BF