Credit Past and Present

For the purposes of the portfolio, the 'AOR' Abbreviation represents Architect of Record, and I’m happy to say that my former mentor, Brock, appears because at his firm I was given significant autonomy and responsibility. I worked up to the role of project manager and senior designer. I have been given permission to show those projects. Though I would like to gratefully include them all, there are some drafting, and specification team members, engineering, non-staff interior designers and other consultants not shown but available on request.

Credit Legend

AOR = Architect Of Record
PM=Project Manager
CA=Construction Administration Project Manager
ID=Interior Designer
TC=Team Contributor
BF=Brant Fetter
BW=Brock Wagstaff
ER=Eric Rogers
LNA=Lynn Armstrong
LA=Landscape Architect
ET=Ed Tischbern