Not so Nifty

I’m always keeping an eye out for a better way to do everything.  For example, I said, OOOH, that’s kinda cool when I saw this:
In several current projects, this could work in the kitchen islands if it’s made well.
Similarly, for switching disposals on islands we use pneumatic switches. They’re durable, safe and look a lot better than trying to put even a Decora style switch somewhere near.
But when one of our contractors actually went out and bought one for 120 bucks, we were very disappointed.  Making the casing out of plastic is reasonable, because there is quite a bit of variance between types and strengths of plastic.  However, the way it’s made seems to be lacking. The pull tab on top seems to have weak connections and could perceivably break after a few months. Oddly, the shape of the grommet at the base is not circular and therefore difficult to cut for contractors. The one in the picture seems to be round, but that’s not what we got. Any kind of difficulty in making a good cut makes me a little nervous about water penetration. Additionally, the movement of the elements do not have a well engineered feel like many of the other types of hardware we tend to specify. I hold out hope that they can progress the design and engineering, but for now, avoid this one.