This is a collection of recommendations and testimonials by clients. These have been posted in places like LinkedIn, Yelp or other sites, and one can never be sure that they’ll stick around. I decided to preserve a few. Not only that, in places like Yelp, if you don’t use the site on a regular basis, but just want to give a shout out to a business you like, your review may be shunted to the “ignored” area just because it’s suspect. Bummer huh? Considering the business we’re in, every bit of good press is appreciated. So here are a few:

Roman Teper, Orbit Development 11/11/2010
“I worked closely with Brant Fetter and found that he represents everything you would want in an architect. He showed a level of professionalism and service that is hard to find. His depth of knowledge about high quality construction along with his agility in dealing with difficult permitting issues made the experience a pleasure. He was attentive and responsive while all of the expert work was done with efficiency and a good sense of humor.

I found a lot for sale where the owner had hired Wagstaff Architects to design a significant custom home. It was just a blank lot with a design approved by the city. I wanted a firm that had the right experience and diplomacy for getting a highly visible project through the hurdles of the permitting process. I met Brant when I hired Wagstaff Architects to produce the construction documents based on the quality of their design, the recommendations of the previous owner and the examples of their other outstanding residences. It turned out to be a very rewarding decision. I will definitely be working with and Wagstaff Architects again.”

Susan  Sweeney 9/17/2010 [Star Academy] “We selected Wagstaff Architects because of Brock Wagstaff’s reputation for designing high quality homes and commercial projects, and his ability to get them though planning approval, which is no small task. Brock and his firm represent a class of architect that encompasses the classic roles of artist, and visionary, diplomat, and leader. The architects at Wagstaff have a diverse and skilled background. We worked primarily with Brant Fetter and he was exceptional.

We needed a new school building and Brant worked tirelessly and successfully to bring our dreams to life. He is flexible and highly creative in his thinking, has a beautiful aesthetic and was very realistic and pragmatic in his approach. Thanks to Brant, our gorgeous new school  was completed on time and even under budget.   We absolutely love the result and everyone who visits our school comments on how beautiful it is – which makes us very proud.

The process we went through to bring this project to fruition was so enjoyable. Brant did an amazing job of designing a building that met the very unique needs of our program and fully understood the inter relationship between component parts, which are reflected in his design. Brant listened to our board and various constituents to create a highly functional form we all love and are so proud of now. Brant and Brock’s knowledge of code and familiarity with our city’s planning and building department helped navigate our project through this complex process.  They were also very helpful in guiding us to  the best builders in the region, which made the selection process easy and actual construction process remarkably smooth.  Brant was involved at every step of this project and it shows.  I would absolutely use Wagstaff Architects again   and look forward to the day when we have the opportunity to do so.”