Ridding the earth of bad design, one building at a time.

Pat and Brant on the bulldozer

Today I thanked Pat Ravasio for loaning me a bulldozer to destroy a building that did not live up to my aesthetic standard. We’re also designing it’s replacement. (Don’t worry, we’ll take care of that little building in the background).   In reality, Pat,  Bob and another investor are actually the clients on this project.  Pat was so excited about getting started, I just had to congratulate her. I’m thrilled to be working with Pat and Bob again.

This is also a good opportunity to mention that I strongly encourage our clients to use deconstruction as a great way to offset the cost of demolition and benefit the environment. I’m not talking about using a design methodology that reassembles the form and material of a design to evoke a more striking, expressive and evocative result… I’m talking about taking the darn thing apart, literally. There is a burgeoning industry that can take apart a house and reuse and recycle the majority of the materials. Unfortunately, Pat and Bob Ravasio did not have this option since the home had been damaged by fire earlier this year. Comment or send me a note if you’re curious about firms I recommend for deconstructing a structure, and of course, if you would like to discuss designing a new home or facility.